Vue.JS 2.0 – CSS Frameworks

On my yet to be named web application software, I have concluded that I should use Laravel / Node.JS and Vue.JS as the main building blocks.

Laravel gives me some amount of familiarity – PHP and a nice framework to scaffold and prototype quickly. There might be others (infact I am sure there are) that are better, faster or “cheaper” (CPU / resource / learning curve), but I could spend an eternity waiting for the best framework to step up. 

Vue.JS give me a bit of a react type component architecture without bringing me to tears like React (the Facebook thingy) does. I don’t want to learn JSX despite how hip and elegant it may be.

NodeJS will be used for event / message and functionality.

Now – I need to find a great CSS framework that works on the frontend seamlessly. Ideally without using jQuery but that seems impossible at the moment.

I’d like to keep code to a minimum – hopefully the same app with a little bit of refactoring / redesign works well on mobile and also on desktop environments. It should also work well packaged as an Android or IOS app – to allow me to distribute on Amazon, Google Play and Apple App stores.

Here’s the shortlist of frameworks that I’m looking at:

  • Material Based:

    • Vue Material: Seems like the most complete and easy to use. I hope to use this to create a web app shell (header / footer / menus / main global functionality) and create a full progressive desktop app / mobile. Once this is done, I hope to then start testing other frameworks and see how easy or difficult it is to use these to reach to the same or similar level of functionality.While this seems like a visually competent framework – it seems to fall short when compared to Semantic UI and some others which are built from the ground up, but perhaps not integrated well with VueJS.
  • Bootstrap BAsed:

  • Other CSS Frameworks

    • Vue-Semantic: Seems like a well organised repo which brings together Semantic UI and Vue.JS – test on 02/02/2017.
    • Quasar-Framework: A very complete framework which seems to have a lot of mind share within the VueJS community.

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