Vue.JS 2.0 – CSS Frameworks

On my yet to be named web application software, I have concluded that I should use Laravel / Node.JS and Vue.JS as the main building blocks.

Laravel gives me some amount of familiarity – PHP and a nice framework to scaffold and prototype quickly. There might be others (infact I am sure there are) that are better, faster or “cheaper” (CPU / resource / learning curve), but I could spend an eternity waiting for the best framework to step up.  Continue reading “Vue.JS 2.0 – CSS Frameworks”

Super Bowl Commercials

GeoClicks has run some sort of Super Bowl commercials website for well over 10 years. Our first site was hosted here on DevLib) as a “PodCast” which allowed people with iPods (remember those?)  to subscribe to and download the commercials to their devices.

Over the years, we gave up on hosting the videos and moved to reviews and general snark. Our current site can be found on